MarketPeak is a community rewarding gateway for blockchain & leadership education to empower your financial wealth

Get the best education for finance and blockchain
Learn how to use DeFi and crypto software
Build a passive income by building a community.

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About MarketPeak

MarketPeak is an education and distribution platform that is part of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem. The goal of MarketPeak is to educate and train the community in the areas of finance, blockchain and DeFi. In addition, MarketPeak incentivizes the community with a very well thought out and fair rewards plan.

Financial developments

The financial markets are also adapting to technological progress. In recent years, the term "FinTech" has become increasingly established, which brings with it a partial automation and simplification of bureaucracy in the financial sector. But this is not enough for today's investors. Today's investors want complete decentralization without great bureaucracy, and this is where DeFi comes in.

Traditional Finance

Centralized Trust based Software


  • Administration
  • Regulation
  • Authority
  • Licensing
  • Trust
  • Middlemen


Centralized Trust based Software

Lean Apps

Isolation Solutions

Focused Customer Base


  • Administration
  • Regulation
  • Authority
  • Licensing
  • Trust

Decentralized Finance


Decentralized Trust Mininimazed Software

Interoperable Solutions

Automated Regulations

Automated Administration

Community Based Governance

Open Source

No Authority

No Middlemen


Even in 2020, only 1% around the world own cryptocurrencies

While it is very common in developing countries, that people own a bank account, in some other countries it is not. But most people around the world own a smartphone nowadays and with that, they would be able to own a crypto wallet and cryptocurrencies. Our goal is, to address and educate the global population who are not aware of cryptocurrencies and blockchain yet.

99% Global population

MarketPeak solves that by delivering a modern platform

for blockchain education and decentralized finance applications

Best crypto software

You can benefit from the newest software to make your crypto or DeFi journey easier.

Safe & Secure

Regular updates and checks are made in order to provide the greatest possible security and a stable platform.

Easy Usability & Responsive Design

You can benefit from the newest software to make your crypto or DeFi journey easier.

Education & Personal Support

You participate from different online courses in multiple languages. Additionally, we provide several Live Online Coaching each week, where you get support for your individual situation.

The Best DeFi App On The Market

Decentralized Finance. The Future.

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Rollout Roadmap

December 2017
Idea & Research
Idea and Concept Creation
July 2018
Platform creation
Design, Building of functions & Testing
9th May 2019
Launch website (beta)
Open website registration and building of community channels
June 2019
Start of Education
3 Education courses in english and start of first Webinars Delivering of Telegram Trading Software in 6 languages
December 2019
More Education and members
Education courses in multi languages 8,000 active members.
February 2020
Dubai Grand Opening
Launch of PEAK Token on Ethereum Blockchain Start of PEAK Minting for Education
March 2020
Listing on exchanges & Coinmarketcap
Listing on 3 exchanges Start of PEAK Token tracking on Coinmarketcap
June 2020
15,000 members reached
Listing on Bibox, Probit, Uniswap and Balancer Tracked on more websites
August 2020
22,000 members
Launch of PEAKDEFI wallet for iOS & Android Over 1000 Downloads after launch
October 2020
DEX integration
Integration of DEX into PEAKDEFI wallet Listing on Mooniswap & 1inch over 4000 App downloads
November 2020
Launch PEAKDEFI protocol
Permissionless and performance-based DeFi fund with PEAK staking audited by Quantstamp
Scaling phase
250,000 members & 50,000 app downloads PEAKDEFI v2 with protection staking & yield farming more education in most used languages
PEAKDEFI v3 Major Update
Optimized trading interface Integration of Governance & NFT’s 500,000 members
Partners and protocols we are working with

Executive team

CEO & Founder
Sergej Heck
Sergej is a successful author, global marketing expert and blockchain entrepreneur. He is the owner of and, two platforms and crypto magazines which educate people about the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology.
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Benjamin Bendig
Benjamin is a highly skilled Developer who worked as lead developer at Bitwala in the past. Since then he’s been the cofounder and CTO of another startup and now is looking forward to apply his learnings to help kickstart MarketPeak.
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Lead Social Media
Jonas Mehmood
Jonas is an expert in Social Media Marketing and has and advanced knowledge in the Blockchain Space. He knows exactly how to interact with his target group and gain more reach.
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Content Marketing
Rob Ernst
Rob is an Online Marketer who worked in the past as content creator for
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Social Media
Ugur Erdogan
Ugur is an experienced Social Media Manager who worked in the past for several companies to build their brands.
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Content- and Translation Manager
Julia Bebber
After several years in the field of management assistance. Julia joined Blockchainhero as a content manager. Now at MarketPeak, she manages content and translations.
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Christopher Funk
Chris is the founder of the Xenagos GmbH in Frankfurt that is known as best Headhunter company. He is an expert in scaling up businesses by structuring sales and recruiting for companies.
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Dr. Sarfaraz Sayed
Co Founder - INTELYGEN ALABS, Speaker/Coach - Digital assets and Blockchain technology, GE Lead Engineer Mechanical.
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Thomas Krüger
Mobile Development Expert and Certified Android Expert with over 10 years of experience and 60+ apps published. Worked for Porsche, Mercedes, Groupon, Siemens and many more.
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Guy Sagy
Guy is an Information Systems Analyst and an expert ERP consultant. He is a Director, CTO and Compliance Officer of an International Private Bank.
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